Case Studies

A Midwest integrated healthcare system in a fast growing metro market decided it needed to capture patients early in their healthcare journey to influence their downstream care decisions. As such a major multi-channel primary care development plan was put into action. Along with physician recruitment and clinic development, UCP led thier urgent care strategy development and implementation. The urgent care plan resulted in the operational realignment of two easting urgent care sites, development of a new third site and acquisition of five new sites all branded under the health systems brand. 


Completed in late 2017, the strategy has resulted in a rapid growth of new patient registrations and a reinvigoration of the primary care platform giving the health system a nearly two year head start on its much larger competitor. 

Starting in 2016, UCP began working with a large healthcare system with markets spread across a Midwest state. This system was concerned that a rapidly growing segment of their population was not being reached by the system’s traditional care channels. To form relationships with this growing population segment the system realized they could not demand people to relate on the health system’s terms but needed to ‘meet people wherever they were in their healthcare journey.”  With this goal of meeting people wherever they are in their healthcare journey the system embarked on an aggressive modern urgent care development plan. 


With strategy and implementation led by UCP this Midwest system is opening 30 urgent care sites in two phases with the initial dozen site have successfully reshaped the patients understanding and experience in urgent care. 

In 2018, HSA and UCP began working with a integrated health system in a medium-sized market that was experiencing significant changes within its strategic environment.  The System was facing market share and financial challenges and needed to re-build its primary care referral base in addition to re-positioning its organizational culture and brand to one around the highest levels of quality and service.  One key pillar of the strategic plan was the development a major multi-channel primary care development initiative. Along with physician recruitment and clinic development, UCP led their urgent care strategy development and implementation.


The urgent care plan resulted in the development of three urgent care clinics with two opening in Fall of 2018 and the third opening in Spring of 2019.  The urgent care clinics have revolutionized how on-demand care is provided in the market and have begun to re-establish and re-shape the System’s relationship with the community as well as being a catalyst to support an organizational culture focused around the highest level quality, efficiency, and service.

In 2018, UCP began working with an integrated health system with a highly developed inpatient platform but with a minimal ambulatory footprint.  The market currently suffers from a lack of both primary care access and quality on-demand care. The System has a very strong position in the market but felt there was an opportunity to provide a modern urgent care platform in order to address consumer desire for on-demand services, to address primary care shortages in the market, to develop and strengthen direct relationships with patients and physicians, and to broaden its brand to other markets. 


UCP is currently working with this client to develop a modern urgent care platform of 18 clinics over a broad geography to accomplish these goals with the aim to open these centers in 2019 and 2020. 

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